OCaml Labs is an initiative within the Cambridge Computer Laboratory started by Anil Madhavapeddy in 2011 to promote research, growth and collaboration within the wider OCaml community. We contribute to management of the day-to-day OCaml maintenance load, and align research agendas with real-world projects to help progress the language and make it available and applicable to a larger audience. Building on 40 years of language development, together with INRIA our goal is to freely release and integrate all work upstream, allowing all prospective users access to the efficient, expressive language of OCaml.

We are always pleased to discuss collaboration opportunities, and feel free to contact us directly with any questions. A core principle of the OCaml Labs is that all of the work done here will be freely released available under open-source licences, and efforts made to integrate all work upstream (e.g. to INRIA, who originally developed and have maintained OCaml since its release in 1996).

The OCaml Labs team is a distributed group of 50+ people, comprised of researchers at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, industrial partners, student interns and individual collaborators. From a combination of research grant and industrial funding we are able to fund a small full-time team at the University of Cambridge, 2-4 student interns each academic year and regular community events to encourage contribution and collaboration.