OCaml Labs has a growing, distributed community - with members spread across the globe, with varying levels of involvement. Whether you’ve collaborated on research papers, played around with an OCaml library or been an avid commenter on repositories and mailing lists, we want to provide a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all. We encourage you to attend events we host, join us at other interesting events, and most of all we encourage you to get involved by talking about your projects, and even hosting meetups in your area.


We regularly host and community events based around functional programming, the OCaml language and related projects.

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  • 15th-21st January 2017: POPL 2017: Paris, France
    Liveblog at POPL and co-located workshops.

  • 6th-7th October 2016: Docker Distributed Summit: Berlin, Germany
    Liveblog at the Summit for distributed software, including talks on TUF and MirageOS unikernels

  • 18th-24th September 2016: ICFP 2016: Nara, Japan
    Liveblog at ICFP and co-located workshops including the OCaml Workshop and CUFP. Liveblogs

Talks & Presentations

Together with academic appearances, members of the OCaml Labs team present their work to the wider community including programming groups, students, financial groups and other development teams, such as Facebook and Microsoft Research.

See a detailed collection of our talks.


  • The Real World OCaml book was released in 2013, and still serves as a popular and useful teaching text for new and seasoned OCaml users alike.

  • The Advanced Functional Programming (AFP) course runs at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in the Lent term each year.

  • We run the OCaml Tutorial at ICFP each year, and adapt it where necessary for local workshops and conferences.


We are always keen to collaborate and if you’d like to work together on a project, fund a project or host an event, please get in touch!

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