Watch our projects and progress by looking at the details below, and follow our OCaml Labs repository on GitHub. It doesn’t include all of the individual projects, which often sit in individual repositories until release.

OCaml Compiler

This refers to the core compiler toolchain, the OCaml language and runtime system. Our work includes daily maintenance such as bug fixes and long term improvements to the type system and runtime libraries. We are actively engaging with the wider OCaml community to ensure that improvements and modifications we propose are thoroughly discussed, well-formulated and maintainable. Recent projects include significant work towards multicore support for parallelism and concurrency in OCaml together with greater facilitation for metaprogramming approaches.

Major efforts in this space include:

OCaml Platform

The Platform combines the core OCaml compiler with a coherent set of libraries, tools and documentation. We look to large-scale users of OCaml to guide the direction of development in this area, including Jane Street, MirageOS, Docker and Facebook. Recent developments have focussed on the developer experience; tooling improvements around packaging, build and test infrastructure; and support for different operating systems and infrastructures.



MirageOS is a library operating system written in OCaml that can be used to build unikernels for secure, high-performance network applications across a variety of cloud computing and mobile platforms.

There is a vibrant and growing ecosystem around constructing libraries for MirageOS that are built in pure OCaml with minimal external dependencies - this unlocks that functionality in all of the target architectures that it supports. MirageOS depends on a number of components that are developed and maintained by OCaml Labs, some of which form the OCaml Platform and some which are independent.


The DataBox is a means of enhancing accountability and giving individuals control over the use of their personal data. The Databox envisions an open-source personal networked device, augmented by cloud-hosted services, that collates, curates, and mediates access to an individual’s personal data by verified and audited third party applications and services.

Consensus Systems