Windows Support

With OCaml support for Windows lacking in the past, there’s a concerted effort underway to improve using OCaml on Windows, and for ongoing continuous integration and testing.

David Allsopp has been working on steadily improving Windows support for ~10 years, and this has involved extensive work within both the OCaml and Windows communities.

  • Opam-on-Windows
    Progress on an Opam Windows port is ongoing, with the eventual goal of Cygwin integration.

  • Windows CI

    • Visual Studio Test Matrix
    • Windows Versions Test Matrix

Compiling on Native Windows

NOTE: Building on Windows is a WIP, with instructions likely to evolve


Cygwin is required to build opam on windows, with correct compilation requiring both a 64-bit and 32-bit C compiler in order to build opam-putenv. Opam on Windows requires OCaml 4.02 or later.

See the repository for further details on which Cygwin packages are required and which Cygwin commands are required by opam.

Git for Windows

Git-for-Windows is available for download, with the default selection of components sufficient for opam.

Recent Activity

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