Multicore OCaml and Reagents - LDN Functionals @ Jane Street

The recent LDN Functionals event at Jane Street was a sell-out with a waiting list, so thankfully Functional Works arranged another packed evening of talks on 2nd August. Yaron Minsky, Sebastian Funk and our own KC Sivaramakrishnan all spoke to an active crowd.

The lineup was:

  • Yaron Minsky - Jane Street - “Building Reactive Web Applications Without Really Trying”
  • KC Sivaramakrishnan - OCaml Labs - “OCaml multicore and programming with Reagents. (slides video)
  • Sebastian Funk - Jane Street - “OCaml: the ultimate configuration language”
The three speakers for the night
Yaron Minsky speaks to a packed room about Incremental
KC discovers a multicore cow

Jane Street was once again a stunning venue, and we were lucky to have Yaron Minsky visiting from NY to share his FP wisdom. He started the evening off with a presentation entitled “Building Reactive Web Applications Without Really Trying”, looking at the commonalities between and reactive web apps, neatly summarising these articles from the Jane Street Tech Blog.

Our very own KC Sivaramakrishnan presented an engaging talk on Multicore OCaml and programming with Reagents

  • successfully answering the age-old question of whether Multicore OCaml will exist in the near future (spoiler alert - it will!).

The evening of talks was rounded off with OCaml, with Sebastian Funk heralding OCaml as the ultimate configuration language, with lively pizza-fuelled chat continuing late into the night. These are great events to attend, and we’d encourage everyone interested in FP (and especially OCaml) to join future meetings.

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