Testing Your Own Fork With OCaml's GitHub CI

There are various Continuous Integration (CI) systems monitoring OCaml. The most publicly visible of these are the two which run on our GitHub repository: Travis, which tests GNU/Linux in 32-bit and 64-bit configurations and also performs a few sanity checks on pull requests, and AppVeyor which tests some of the native Windows ports.

Between branching and a new release of OCaml there is a large spike in activity, and our CI systems can become overloaded when running across many PRs and branches. We’d like to encourage contributors to enable Travis and AppVeyor on their own forks of OCaml prior to making pull requests where possible - David Allsopp explains how in this post.

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Author | Gemma Gordon

Gemma is the Operations Director for the OCaml Labs group in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and covers day-to-day management, investigates funding opportunities and organises events.