This page lists the latest news on the various OCaml Labs community activities. Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

December 2017
  testing ocaml-migrate-parsetree with `ppx_deriving_crowbar`
October 2017
  Windows Unicode Support - A Bug-Fix 12 Years in the Making
  Fuzzing for CI Workflows
September 2017
  Testing Your Own Fork With OCaml's GitHub CI
  Platforms, Packaging, Progress
August 2017
  Merlin 3.0.0 on Windows
July 2017
  A New Implementation of Git
  Major Releases of Cohttp, Conduit, DNS and TCP/IP Libraries
  OCaml 4.05.0 Released
June 2017
  Intel Hyper-Threading Bug Uncovered by OCaml Developers
  Unsigned Integers as Built-In Types or as a Library?
May 2017
  A Week of Platform Releases: Odig, Odoc, Opam Bundle and More!
  Why Jbuilder? Demonstration and Discussion
  OCaml Compiler Hacking May 2017 - Activity Summaries
  Opam 2.0.0 beta 3
April 2017
  Multicore OCaml ARM64 Backend
  Cambio, OCaml and Karaoke at the MirageOS Marrakech Hack Retreat 2017
  Using Menhir to Build Grammar Attributes
  OCaml 4.04.1 Released
March 2017
  Parsing the Email Standard with TypeBeat
  An OCaml Backend for Agda with Malfunctional Programming
  Databox Open-Source Software Community Launch
  Composable Builds for OCaml with Jbuilder
  MirageOS Hack Updates
  Algebraic Subtyping: PhD thesis
  Databox Launch Event: 24th March, Cambridge
  Formalizing the OCaml Multicore Memory Model
  MirageOS Hack Event 2017 in Marrakech
February 2017
  Irmin 1.0 Released!
  Scaling Software Modularization with Topkg
  MirageOS 3.0.0 Released!
  Making PPXs Portable with ocaml-migrate-parsetree
January 2017
  Feedback on cmdliner Documentation Language Changes
  Multicore OCaml Compiling on MacOSX
  Feedback on Irmin 1.0 API
  OCaml Compiler Hacking 7th February
  Advanced Functional Programming Course
  POPL 2017 Liveblog
December 2016
  Merlin Promoted to Headline OCaml Project
  AFL Merged into OCaml Trunk
November 2016
  Merlin 2.5.1 Released
  Visiting Researchers in Winter 2016
  OCaml Hack Event - Activity Summaries
  OCaml 4.04 Released
October 2016
  ICFP Roundup - Talk Summaries and OCaml Workshop
September 2016
  ICFP 2016 Liveblog Available
  Effective Parallelism with Reagents @ London Facebook Faculty Summit
August 2016
  International Summer School on Metaprogramming 2016
June 2016
  Multicore OCaml and Reagents - LDN Functionals @ Jane Street
  Merlin 2.5.0 Released with OCaml 4.03.0 support
  Lock-free Programming for the Masses
  A Busy Week - Multicore, Releases, Interns and Visitors
  International Summer School on Metaprogramming - Cambridge, UK, 8-12 August
  Ctypes 0.6 Released - async FFI support and Improved Cross Compilation
May 2016
  ARM-ed with Reason
  Pipelines with OCaml - Managing version-controlled data with Datakit
  A new Reason for OCaml
  The missing Links compiler - with Multi-shot Effect Handlers
  MirageOS Hackathon - Trip Reports
April 2016
  Seeing Double! Mirage 2.8 and 2.9 released
  Migrating to PPX
  Firming Up HardCaml
  OCaml 4.03.0 Released!
March 2016
  Docker for Mac and Windows Beta
  Welcome to the OCaml Labs Blog