Docker for Mac and Windows Beta

Docker have released a limited availability beta program for Docker users on Mac and Windows. It improves on the existing Docker Toolbox and serves to simplify the installation process and allows developers to build and test apps in a multi-architectural environment whilst removing the additional dependencies.

The application features a native user interface, auto-updates and a pre-packaged Docker toolset. The Unikernel Systems team who moved to Docker have been part of this beta project, and the app utilises 40+ OCaml libraries, many of which were developed and published by the team at OCaml Labs. We’re excited that OCaml libraries such as astring, ocaml-ctypes and ocaml-cstruct are receiving wider exposure, and we can’t wait to start testing it for ourselves!

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Author | Gemma Gordon

Gemma is the Operations Director for the OCaml Labs group in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and covers day-to-day management, investigates funding opportunities and organises events.