Pipelines with OCaml - Managing version-controlled data with Datakit

Today at OSCON Docker open-sourced (in real-time!) Datakit, Hyperkit and VPNKit - all components of their beta application Docker for Mac and Windows. The app is incredibly popular (with 30,000 signups in the first 24 hours), and releasing the internals allows us to see why.

Datakit (interfaced with Hyperkit) is a tool to orchestrate applications using the 9p workflow. It builds on work carried out at OCaml Labs in the past few years and allows you to define complex build pipelines over version-controlled data using file system commands.

By open sourcing these projects, Docker shows they are keen for discussion and collaboration. We are excited about this release, and we envisage integrating the components into our work at OCaml Labs, specifically using Quelea-style contracts for consistency control with Datakit.

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Author | Gemma Gordon

Gemma is the Operations Director for the OCaml Labs group in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and covers day-to-day management, investigates funding opportunities and organises events.