MirageOS 3.0.0 Released!

The release of Mirage 3.0.0 brings further flexibility and stability to the modular operating system, together with improved user and developer experience. The core team has focussed on improving development workflow, providing easier interfaces and interoperability where possible, with collaboration from a growing user base employing MirageOS components in production and research.

You can see the main announcement for details, but a summary of new features includes:

  • Solo5 integration allowing for easier unikernel deployment
  • Smooth interoperability with OPAM, including management of external library dependencies
  • Automatically generated, interlinked module documentation
  • Module types for reporting errors
  • Logging improvements
  • Build system shift using topkg
  • Leaner codebase

Contribution from OCaml Labs comes in the form of Platform improvements, specifically documentation infrastructure, package distribution with topkg, and other OCaml tooling and libraries.

The release of 3.0.0 involves a huge amount of work from a growing MirageOS community, resulting in more compact but flexible applications that run as self-contained virtual machines - it’s now easier than ever to use MirageOS: get started here!

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Author | Gemma Gordon

Gemma is the Operations Director for the OCaml Labs group in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and covers day-to-day management, investigates funding opportunities and organises events.