Irmin 1.0 Released!

Irmin 1.0 is now released and available on opam. You can see a full set of changes, online documentation and some examples to help get you started.

UPDATE Thomas Gazagnaire has published a detailed post about the API changes in the 1.0 release.


Irmin is a library for persistent data stores with version-control following similar principles as Git. Irmin is written in pure OCaml (it does not depend on external C stubs) and runs on a variety of backends.

Work on Irmin started back in 2013 with partial funding from UCN, and early data structures were detailed in a JFLA paper in 2015. The original idea behind Irmin was to be able to apply the features of a distributed version-control system (DVCS) to big data. By using existing tools around source-code version control they were able to apply the same functionality as a library, therefore providing significant flexibility and efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Thomas Gazagnaire has matured the project extensively over the last 4 years, and this release seeks to build on feedback gathered from early users by delivering an API that is easier to use and more efficient than ever before.

Datakit from Docker utilises Irmin, and forms a component of the Docker for Mac and Windows application.

Further Reading

Irmin use-cases are detailed in the GitHub repository.

Development of Irmin was supported in part by the EU FP7 User-Centric Networking project, Grant No. 611001.

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