Opam 2.0.0 beta 3

This beta 3 release brings speed and stability improvements, replaces the opam build command with opam install <dir>, provides a clearer interface for handling package test and doc dependencies, and extends the CLI in a few areas.

Originally opam build was added to:

  • provide an easier way to start projects without a pre-existing opam installation
  • allow direct interaction with projects in a current directory
  • copy installed files of a package below a specified destdir

Feedback highlighted that the interface was difficult in places, and the command name misleading, so opam install <dir> was created as a replacement - still addressing the above issues, and providing a clearer interface. Read more about the details on the opam blog.

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Author | Gemma Gordon

Gemma is the Operations Director for the OCaml Labs group in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and covers day-to-day management, investigates funding opportunities and organises events.