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At OCaml Labs Consultancy (OCLC), we dedicate our efforts to innovating open-source software. In close collaboration with both industry and the OCaml community, we're a steadfast partner and advocate for the further development of the OCaml programming language. Our innovative systems have provided solutions for several large companies, such as Jane Street and Microsoft, as well as investing back into the OCaml ecosystem, maintaining crucial libraries, and collaborating with Tarides on new and exciting tools like MirageOS, Irmin, and Osmose. 

We are focused on pushing OCaml and functional programming forward as a platform, making it a more effective tool for all users. We work on all aspects of the OCaml developer toolchain, specifically:

  • The OCaml compiler: language, runtime, and multicore support
  • The OCaml Platform: a coherent set of tools and documentation
  • MirageOS: a library operating system for building secure, high-performance network applications

In 2022, we'll be opening a revolutionary cyber-physical space in Pembroke College, Cambridge that incorporates technology previously only seen in science fiction. This smart building will make carrying personal devices obsolete—made possible with Osmose, a software platform made to manage digital infrastructure at scale, securely and efficiently. It uses the groundbreaking creation of unikernels to radically simplify the way applications are built and deployed for the cloud.

OCLC was born from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and is dedicated to developing open-source software based on the OCaml programming language. Our ultimate goal is to normalize decentralisation and give users the power again, instead of giving it to another huge corporation who violates your privacy and hacks your eyeballs with ads as soon as you log in. Our core values centre around precision, performing complex tasks competently, and openness, welcoming people into the organisation and making OCaml more accessible to everyone.

Connect with us via email, on GitHub, and join the OCaml discussion.

We're quickly growing with employees and interns working both in our Cambridge office and remotely around the globe.

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